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    Belize Beach Club  Flag of Belize

             Thank you Steve; for making computers accessible to everyone, and for making Wall Street accept the importance of design look and feel.


Welcome to Belize


Prices are approximate and vary with number of occupants, length of stay and seasonality.

Summer Prices
3D/4N Getaway $899.00
1 Week Resort Stay $1279.00
Monthly Cottage Rental $1499up
Home Purchase/Lease Enquire

By the Month

Rental homes availablePlease contact us for current rates and accommodation availability. We look forward to helping you enjoy Belize.


Belize marinaThese sections will have photos and text in 4 blocks with the images alternating floating right and left. On the home page these images will act as links to pages titled according to the subhead names.

 The Island Community

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